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An Engineering Podcast for Engineers

[All Links to Engineering IRL are provided at the end of the article]

I was searching for top Engineering podcasts on Spotify and YouTube and upon that quest I realized a few things I was looking for.

First, a general engineering podcast that could make me feel like I was keeping up with what was happening in the Engineering world. The industry and Technology moves fast and so knowing what's coming and what's available can help be a better engineer.

Not directly though.

And so the second criteria I was looking for is something that could help my mindset when it comes to engineering and how to frame my perspective for problem solving. After all, that is one of the core functions of engineering.

Problem solving.

And last but not least now that I'm up to date with engineering and technology trends and have learned techniques for becoming a better engineer now I needed some solid career advice and career progression.

Well, those are the three pillars that makeup the content of the Engineering IRL podcast.

It's a podcast for engineers in the real world.

Now the final spin that I wanted to make standout when it came to this podcast was the fact that when looking at point number 1 - keeping up with latest technoloy trends - this is covered very well by many other sources and media outlets etc. The only differentiator I would provide is my take, but covering the sheer volume would take away from the rest of the show.

So what could step in as that real third pillar??

Well this ties into the show and what my thesis is; in an increasingly busy and complicated world as populations scale, sizes increase, projects cross there are a whole lot of problems to solve. Engineers cover a whole lot of technological and bigger societal problems, but there are several other areas where big problem solving is needed.

In fact, every single industry you can think of. Now to help all industries solve problems, you'd think it wise to get some lessons or techniques from the realm of professional problem solving that is Engineering.

Here's my value proposition.

I take Engineering Concepts, break them down and then see in what ways they can be applied to real life. Hence the name Engineering IRL. If problem solving lessons and parallels can be utilised to solving regular problems maybe more end more parallels could be made into other areas that would help solve problems.

So there's something for engineers, up and coming engineers and anyone looking to improve their problem solving skills. If you've read this far, then you may be someone looking to improve their problem solving skills and could benefit from this podcast.

This is where I ask you to check it out, listen to a few episodes and see if you like it. It's free. And it's on all the major platforms. In the event where you feel like you have a question that needs to be answered? Well, I take your question and answer them on the show.

So please take a moment and tune in and interact with us on social or the website, get involved in our growing community!

Where you can find the Engineering IRL podcast - podcast for engineers:

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