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Coaching for Engineers

Your engineering career deserves some love too.

Make sure you are heading in the right direction.

Honestly, coaching, mentoring, there's so many buzzwords thrown around right now but what I can say is that it is always useful to be able to bounce ideas, thoughts and concerns regarding your career to someone else. You don't have to rely on your internal teams and it can be an invaluable perspective. 

These sessions have been very powerful for those who have used the service. and e and when you have just started out it's an early investment into getting a head start early. Ask those cringey questions about salary expectations and how to move up.

  • Invest in your career. Get mentored early and get a head start.

    1 hr

    149 Australian dollars
  • Be confident in any interview setting

    1 hr

    79 Australian dollars

Is career coaching right for you?

Perhaps not, and perhaps not right now, but one thing is for sure if you're on this page you are looking at your career and thinking of ways to improve. If this is too much of a commitment that's fine, you can always use our content from the blog behind the blueprints to learn by reading or you can passively learn while you commute or do some chores with the Engineering IRL podcast there's no reason you can't level up. But maybe you are somewhere in between. You already absorbed so much of our content, you want something specific for you but you aren't quite in a position to book in a coaching session.


That's okay!

Drop us an email at OR via our contact page and let's see if we can still help you with something custom or I might be able to answer your question then and there and provide some guidance. The goal is for you to learn and get your career going in the right direction.

In either case, welcome to Engineering IRL where part of our mission is to provide engineers  a practical platform and framework for career development, driven by the data, information and stories of everyday engineers. 

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