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Breaking Down Engineering Concepts and Applying them to Real Life

Solving problems in creative and innovative ways is a hallmark of the engineering process. Why not use them to solve every day problems too?

This is an engineering podcast that finds parallels between engineering solutions and provides real tactics, mindsets, philosophies, ideas and tools to improve both your career and life with expert problem solving skills.

This is the Engineering IRL Podcast.

A Podcast for Engineers

You may be like me, an Engineer looking for podcasts in the industry so you can passively learn.  Not only technical training, but real tactics, mindsets, philosophies, ideas and tools to improve your career and your problem solving skills.

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"As somebody interested in becoming an engineering, this show is a god send! There are so many great topics and Andrew is such a great host! I’m tuning in for more."
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"The podcast is perfect not only working engineers, up and coming engineers but really anyone looking to improve their problem-solving skills."

Part of the Show

Engineering Plans
Suarav Gautam.png

Saurav Gautam
Senior Engineer, Emerson Automation Solutions

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Andrew has been very helpful to me with engineering career advice and explains things in a way that is easy to digest. I recommend his content including the information in the Engineering IRL podcast.

Keith Lam.png

Keith Lam
Graduate Electrical Engineer, UGL

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I am fond of Andrew’s podcasts and that was part of my morning commute, he provides
insight on how to improve your technical prowess/knowledge and the benefits of “putting in the hard yards” – quite critical at the
time as I was an intern.


Patrick Olugbimero
Graduate Electrical Engineer, UGL

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I'd highly suggest Andrew's content even to people that aren't engineers. His content has a certain philosophy to it that can be applied to more than just engineering. The simplicity of the action steps is also highly reassuring and makes his advice applicable but also challenging at the same time.


Ashley More
Former Engineering Intern,

Siemens Ltd.

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Andrew's new 10 + 1 steps to problem-solving book has become an invaluable framework for my thinking as an engineer and would recommend it, and his podcast, to all engineers and engineering students.

The Engineering IRL Podcast
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