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You may be like me, an Engineer looking for podcasts in the industry so you can passively learn.  Not only technical training, which is in abundance, but real tactics, mindsets, philosophies, ideas and tools to improve your career and your problem solving skills.


The Engineering IRL podcast is a show for engineers in the real world. I take Engineering Concepts, break them down and then see in what ways they can be applied to real life. 

Problem solving skills used by Engineers have parallels that can be used by other people and other industries. 

If this sounds interesting at all you are going to enjoy this engineering podcast series.

For more details read how the Engineering IRL podcast concept came to life.

There's something for everyone so give it a listen right now. It's free and available on all major platforms including podcast giants Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Casts, iHeart Radio, Anchor and many more!

Listen Now and support the show by Subscribing and if possible dropping us a review and giving feedback. This directly helps the show and helps it overall. This way we get more support which then means more time can be invested in developing the show and producing episodes.

With your help the machine can keep going and even if you don't want to drop any feedback, that's fine too, sharing it with a friend or an engineer you may know is already more than enough already.

The podcast is fueled by real engineers and real engineering knowledge and projects. It is curated in such a way that we don't need specifics from industries or companies that we can explore the power of cross pollination and using ideas from one realm to another. You just might also inspire a future engineer and spark a fulfilling and challenging career.

Thanks for supporting the show and being part of the Engineering IRL community. In return I will do my best to make this the best engineering podcast.

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