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Used by Engineers, Mechanics, Electricians and Technicians.

$26.95 AUD

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The WAHLight™️ is a uniquely designed
Wide Angle Head Light with full perspective coverage for work in low-light.

Use outdoors for work, camping or fishing. Use inside for technical work, building PC's, checking your car engine or even under the sink.

It's easy to pack, store and recharge.

We stock in Australia and ship via AusPost.
*Limited quantities


30 Day Guarantee - Changed your mind? Get a full refund, no questions asked.

Anchor Sell

"It's like a floodlight
on your head"

Perfect for working on equipment outdoors or in low-light places. Key features:

✅ Very Bright Light (350 Lumens)

✅ 230° Wide Angle Beam

✅ Safety Helmet Compatible

✅ Lightweight

✅ Waterproof IPX4

✅ Touch-free Switch

✅ Lithium-Ion Battery

✅ USB-C Rechargeable

A must-have for any DIY-ers toolkit.

WAHLight PC EDIT.jpg

Why Engineers are loving the WAHLight

  1. Bright and huge light coverage

  2. Multi-Light Options

  3. Folds right up

  4. Waterproof and safe to use outdoors

  5. Minimalistic and Low Profile Design

  6. Low protrusion from helmet

  7. Lightweight and doesn't mess up the centre of gravity on the helmet

  8. Hands-free switch for ease of function even when having safety gloves on or holding tools.

  9. Lithium-Ion - no obscure batteries needed.

  10. USB-C Charging

How to Use


Installation is easy. Simply stretch the flexible band over the top of your hard hat.

The WAHLight is super simple to use.


No-Touch Switch

Press the button to enable the "wave sensor"

Simply wave your hand by the side across the sensors to switch the light on or off.


The power button iterates through the 5 modes.

Mode 1: Wide Angle High

Mode 2; Wide Angle Low

Mode 3; Spot Light High

Mode 4: Spot Light Low

Mode 5: Strobe (press and hold)


The unit has a 1200mAh lithium-ion battery charged by USB-C cable.


Spotlight vs. Wide Angle Beam

WAHLight PLC Wide.png
WAHLight outdoor wide.png

Technical Specifications