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Engineering Resources by Engineering IRL

An Engineer Loves Their Tools

I've had many tools and resources to help me become a better Engineer and still there was some I thought was missing. I enjoy helping engineers improve their skills so they can land better projects and become the "go to" expert so I began to create these resources for engineers everywhere.

If you want to solve problems faster and come to the right answers for the senior engineers the 10+1 Steps to Problem Solving: An Engineers Guide book is for you.

For building the next great thing, inventing, creating, designing or planning use our Engineering Notebooks.

We've partnered with Engineering companies to provide engineering tools that we know a tinkerer would love. Many of these resources are free so it is accessible to as many engineers as possible!


10+1 Steps to Problem Solving:

An Engineers Guide

Learn how to problem solve to get you on bigger and better engineering projects.


Engineering Toolkit:

With 3dHubs

100's of pages worth of 3d printing and manufacturing guides and posters.


Technical Engineering


(with different colours)

Engineering Notebooks with Technical Drawing Title Blocks with graph paper for designs and inventions

Kids Books

Count On Me &

My Light Can Shine Bright

It's never too early to introduce your kids to Engineering!

STEM for Kids

Ultimate STEM Resource Guide for Kids

Engineering in STEM. The top stem online resources for Engineering.

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Engineering Books

Best Engineering Books

A list of the best Engineering Books.

Image by Daria Nepriakhina
Members Only

Operational Technology Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide for Engineers Covering Operational Technology

OT Ultimate Guide Cover - resource page.
Cloud Networking

Cloudmate Networks

Your one stop shop for cloud managed networks. Best prices and advice for businesses.


If there are more specific tools or resources you would like to see from us drop us an email or contact us via any of our social pages.

We have free resources too! 

Don't forget you have access to a wide variety of free resources via Engineering IRL

Enjoy Reading?

You can get information from the blog "Behind the Blueprints" where I post Engineering articles for helping you improve as an engineer. 

Prefer to Listen?

We also have the Engineering IRL podcast where I talk you through engineering concepts and mindsets for propelling your career and simply making you think. Available wherever you get your podcast.

Prefer to Watch?

The Engineering IRL Youtube Channel also has videos on custom projects that we do so you can get some insight on the engineering process or just cool ways to do things.

However it is you learn it's a positive thing that you're here and trying to improve. A great way to learn is from experience and the experience of others. I hope to continue to share what I've learned with you through Engineering IRL and hopefully you can achieve all your goals and have fulfillment with your career in Engineering.


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