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The Problem Solving Method all Modern Engineers Must Know

Backed with Engineering stories you don't normally get to hear.

Sharpen your skills. Lead Engineers keep their problem-solving skills at the highest level.

Approach problems with purpose. Learn to reduce your time spent solving problems and eliminate stress in a practical way.

10+1 Steps to Problem Solving

 An Engineer's Guide

From a Career in Operational Technology

and Control Systems

Becoming a "Go-to" expert Engineer doesn't have to mean 10 years of experience

The good news is there is a more practical way to have an impact on your engineering projects.

10+1 starts with the question. At first it seems there are many questions and few answers, but as you gain experience you learn that answers are easy. The real challenge is finding the right question.


Andrew Sario

When Andrew Sario started out as an Engineer there was always a balance between applying techniques learned from studying versus simply getting things done. Working across multiple projects in different roles meant applying different methods to solve problems.

Andrew noticed a pattern.

These are the 10+1 Steps to Problem Solving:

  1. The Question

  2. The Obvious

  3. Eyes

  4. Check Yourself

  5. Doctor G

  6. The RTFM Protocol

  7. Strip

  8. What about the Environment?

  9. Phone-A-Friend

  10. Pray

No matter the problems you want to fix you will naturally use one or all of these steps. ​(There's an 11th secret step, making it 10+1 - you'll see in the book).

But where you'll get stuck is knowing what to use and when, what mindset and approach you should have for each step and when it can be re-used.

  • How do you know what the actual problem is?

  • How do you know when you should ask for help?

  • What do you do if the problem is vague?

  • What if you don't know this specific technology, tool, industry or company?

10+1 Steps to Problem Solving will help you consistently solve problems and get recognized as an asset to your team, enabling you to work on bigger and better projects.


It won't happen overnight, but this book will help you solve problems and give you a blueprint for exactly what to do next. 

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Saurav Gautam
Senior Engineer, Emerson Automation Solutions

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Andrew has been very helpful to me with engineering career advice and explains things in a way that is easy to digest. I recommend his content including the information in the Engineering IRL podcast.

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Keith Lam