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Engineering Notebook:
Graph Paper

For professional engineers, designers, innovators and creators.

Quick Specs

Page Design: 5mm x 5mm graph paper
Engineering title block
Pages: 150
Size: 152.4 mm x 8.89 mm x 228.6mm
ISBN: 979-8520474647



A notebook for engineers.

Using engineering drawings as a template for each page. This engineering notebook comes complete with:

  • Engineering Title Block

  • 5mm x 5mm grid

  • 150 pages


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Engineering Notebook | $14.95 aud

Limited Quantities

A better notebook for you.

A nicely designed and themed notebook is not just a graphical thing, there are functional advantages, too.

The frame, focus, fire concept provides the basis for the notebook design, encouraging intentional thinking.

You can use it for designing new things, conveying ideas or just general note-taking. It's really up to you.

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