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Behind the Blueprints - Engineering IRL articles

Behind the Blueprints its a deep dive into what it takes to be an Engineer. The focus is on bringing up Engineering origin stories or the ideas that brought an engineer into existence. Technical tactics are provided for current engineers or general day to day information that puts you in the realm.

Finally, Engineering Evolution is for growth, upskilling, getting employed as an engineer or finding out how engineers can increase their salary. All in all the combination promotes engineers, inspires future generations, helps the current engineers and then provides guidance for reaching your potential.

If you enjoy this content make sure you subscribe or get in contact with us to let us know. The articles we write here are designed to help you or provide you with inspiration. We are always looking for more peoples story to share so if you have your own engineering story you want to share with us, or have yourself written about perhaps your career or experience go to our Contact page to get involved.

We also are open to guest posting so if you want to guest post with us or have an article you would like syndicated please get in contact with us and we will see what we can organize. We have a strong focus on engineers so if you know any questions that we can answer or areas you think we can help with that isn't quite covered yet we'd also love to hear from you. This engineering blog is built for the community and the goal is to be one of the top engineering sites that serve as a real resource for real engineering to take place. If you want to help out the best way you can do that is to share this page with an engineer you know.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. We hope you enjoy Engineering IRL.

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