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Engineering Career Checklist

Could you be asking for more pay?

Have you got all these areas covered? Why not go into more detail and see how many of these verticals you already have and to what level.

Compare yourself with the benchmark set out by the community.


How it works



Review the verticals above and develop an understanding of the nuances.



Create your account or login.



Fill out your current achievement levels.



Compare your levels to the Engineering Benchmark.

Filter by industry, year and more.



Understand your current levels..


See areas for improvement.

Target high Salary Engineer model.

In order to engineer your career it is first important to treat it like a project. Your Engineering career is a project in itself, a problem to be solved. If you listen to the Engineering IRL podcast or consume content from here you know that the first step to problem solving is to properly define the problem.


The biggest key to defining the problem?

Getting eyes on the situation.

Now, with that being said the framework we will use is the based upon the verticals. These verticals are commonly known for improving peoples careers in general and also in the Engineering space. Several of them are extra valuable due to the fact that most engineers focus on the technical vertical. Pure IQ power. And this is definitely one way to progress your career and can be quite lucrative. But it is not the only way. You can develop all these other areas which the average engineer may not excel in and this is precisely what would set you apart from the other engineers.

People skills, soft skills, leadership skills, they all matter and in fact can help your technical prowess.

For each of the verticals there are achievement points that you can register based on the description. The idea is that many engineers from the community input their levels and this creates us the benchmark.

See, the thing is, this is not a prescription. None of these single things will boost your career on its own, but you get a great indication of the types of things other engineers achieve at or above your level. The exercise of looking and targeting higher achieving engineers is also quite helpful as you need to aim in order to hit a target.

If you're on this page then you are already ahead of others. It means you are seeking to improve.

So what are you waiting for?

Become a member now.

Each vertical will also be accompanied by advice and tips to achieve it so you have no excuses but to improve your career and have confidence in your ability to increase your income.

The tool is being built out as we speak so make sure you follow our socials.

Welcome to Engineering IRL.

-Andrew Sario

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