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Elon Musk releases EDM song on Spotify with this title

Elon has been tweeting a fair amount about EDM music even changing his name to Elon EDM Musk.

After posting "this song is hard" about 19 hours prior, people started to question what was happening.

He continued to tease with lyrics and bits of comments throughout.


This would turn out to be one of the lyrics after the first line which is the title.

After posting an image of him behind a booth it became clear that he was up to something.

Here is Elon Musk at a recording studio getting his EDM on and you can see he's clearly enjoying himself.

That's one way to start the decade with a whole tonne of memes!

Now he finally has made the song available on Spotify for all of you to listen to!

Elon EDM Musk's first song release: Don't doubt your vibe ('s....true)

So what did you think of the song?

Many are predicting it will be used on the first launches, in the control rooms, on the new feeds.

Us? We are waiting for a full album. Hopefully Musk listens.

If you're still here and on Spotify, don't forget to learn about how Engineers are taking us to Mars on episode 37 "Mission To Mars" of the Engineering IRL podcast. It's our best episode yet!

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