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Engineering IRL Recommended Engineering Podcasts

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

It is considered a little niche but there are many options you have available as well for engineers, it just depends on what you are looking for exactly but currently I am listening to:

  • Engineering Career Coach Podcast - Focused on career development, particularly for those striving to get into management. I have got some pretty good ideas from this podcast to frame up how I approach my career and to get insight into what management may be focused on.

  • Industrial IOT Spotlight Podcast - Focused on Industrial IOT and some insights to how businesses are applying these solutions. I like this podcast specifically because they speak to OEM's, Clients and integrators alike and they all give insights into the problems they face and what they try to solve.

  • Zengineering - A Philosophy of Science, Technology, Art & Engineering. This is new for me so I'll have more in depth information once I give it more of a listen but definitely a solid engineering podcast so far.

Born To Engineer website has a pretty decent top list of engineering podcasts for reference and we were excited to be included in their list! They produce some great content so please check them out if you haven't yet.

Notable mentions that aren’t specifically engineering but might pique your interest as they did mine:

  • Darknet Diaries - Cyber hacking stories and can be interesting particularly around engineering systems that get attacked.

  • StarTalk - Neil deGrasse Tyson talking science. Engineering has S