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How a Covid Face Mask 3d printed comes out

The lockdowns sure have been adjustment for everyone and for engineers in lockdown; what has this meant for your role?

For some, you are deemed necessary or in critical works and your job impact is mostly extra procedure.

For others its remote work, more online and getting design and project work done.

Whatever the case may be this has given some interesting trends to arise and one of those things is the topic of face masks.

Whilst we can investigate the validity in their use, this time I just wanted to find out how good these 3d printed face masks actually were. At the same time, why not document the journey for our Engineering IRL group??

So off I went to thingiverse to find the options of the mask and there was plenty. I decided on one that looked relatively simple and put it into a slicer, Cura Slicer by Ultimaker in my case, to get the estimation: 6.5 hours!

Well in the world of 3D printing with current technology this is not unheard of.

I load it and get a nice time-lapse of the print and did it take 6.5 hours to complete??