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How to get real Engineering work

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

You've spent years getting your degree, you work hard, improve your knowledge, show up on time and get your job done and yet you feel like the work isn't exactly "engineering" work.

How do you get allocated some real engineering work? You may think that working for an engineering company, naturally there is plenty of engineering work to go around, so why hasn't any of it come your way? Whilst there might be external factors impacting this ranging from poor management, organization skills of the senior engineers, lack of structure or a real "program" to balance engineers tasks, maybe people knew others, or suck up or got lucky. Maybe the current industry as a whole is struggling right now.

Perhaps, so. These are all valid reasons but none that we have any power over. So what are the things we can do to get our hands on bigger and better engineering tasks?

Over deliver on the current tasks, enthusiastically.

You have some tasks right now, maybe it is only reading through some manuals, or printing off some documents, and before you ask - yes, you can over deliver on these tasks too.

The second part of this is enthusiastically