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Going far beyond "plug-and-chug" solutions, this relatable guide simplifies the scientific principles and breaks down the art of efficient problem-solving. Andrew Sario breaks down years of experience into digestible tips.
Boost your career with 10+1 steps to solve real-life engineering problems effectively.

Can engineers improve their problem-solving skills? Sario guides readers through ten steps of practical problem-solving with each step including engineering stories from his career as a lead systems engineer in the critical infrastructure and operational technology fields.

The 10+1 Steps are an unorthodox way of looking at things but spend its efforts on improving your average time to solve.

Here are the 10+1 Steps to Problem Solving:


  1. The Question
  2. The Obvious
  3. Eyes
  4. Check Yourself
  5. Doctor G
  6. The RTFM Protocol
  7. Strip
  8. What about the environment?
  9. Phone-A-Friend
  10. Pray

The last step? The Secret step.
The steps are designed so that they can work with formal engineering methods giving you ways to improve your approach.
10+1 Steps to problem-solving provides that extra "+1" step for those situations when you have run out of options.

The book shows the reader how their problem-solving skills can lead to better pay, more respect and land bigger projects. By following the guiding principles in this book you can confidently help solve problems regardless of current skill and experience.



  • Chapters: 13
  • Problem Solving Steps: 11
  • Pages: 249
  • Formats:
    • .pdf
    • .epub
    • .mobi

10+1 Steps to Problem Solving: An Engineer's Guide - Digital

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