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Engineering IRL Merch

How to find the best gift for engineers?

Engineers are built different. They are a peculiar bunch and while there is an atypical personality type that engineers embody, due to the wide range of fields, industries and roles - this changes things.

There are detail oriented ones, very logical and straightforward too, however, there are also very creative ones, inventive ones that fit a very different mould.

You can consider getting them a field specific bit of engineering merch as a gift.

Alternatively, you can get them something any engineer would enjoy focusing more on engineers, rather than engineering specific themes per se.

That's where Engineering IRL Merch comes in.

Take one of our popular designs - the Engineering IRL "Built Different" Tee.

It's minimalistic, fun and true. When something is engineered, it's built different.

Engineers are Built Different.

Not All Engineers want gifts that they have to wear

Some Engineers prefer gifts that are useful, functional that they can actually use. Generic enough that it isn't a specialised tool, so that's where our Engineering Notebooks come in.

We designed these Technical Engineering Notebooks that are useful (because engineers typically need to take notes or have somewhere to design) and it's functional by design with the Technical Drawing border format on every page!

But I'm not here just to show you what we offer at Engineering IRL Shop, I hope to also give you insight into how an Engineer thinks.

The best engineering gift for engineers

Sometimes the best gift for an engineer isn't engineering related, of course, but let's go with the assumption that you want to be engineering themed.

Honestly, the things engineers look for the most either help them do their specific job or help them with their overall career.

Job specific things would be safety gear, tools such as torches, electrical devices, computers, etc. While career stuff could be courses, certificates or books.

Whilst these would be thoughtful gifts and very useful, it is hard to determine and also some can be provided by their companies or they may decide to claim on tax. These types of things take the fun out of gift giving completely.

This is why apparel, notebooks, merch and books are a definite go-to.

One no-brainer are mugs. Because what's one thing that almost every engineer needs to function?

That's right - Coffee!

The true engineer as a function has problems and coffee in, solutions and sarcasm out.

So, just have fun with it and I'm sure this lucky engineer your shopping for will appreciate it either way.

If you have any gifts to recommend, reach out! We are always interested in hearing your gift ideas for engineers.


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