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Our $29 Problem Solving book for Engineers is FREE online today

The 10+1 Steps to Problem Solving: An Engineers Guide is a book focused on solving problems faster with a guided check-list for a repeatable approach to avoid getting stuck.

Consistently solving problems is valuable for you and your company as you increase your reputation and trust to land bigger and better projects.

I wanted to share this knowledge with as many engineers as possible so they don't have to go through the frustration of trying to untangle the vague task descriptions given by seniors and then feeling the pressure from taking too long to find the right answer.

The Free Offer

Today we are going to be offering free online access to the entire book.

Yes. Free.

The book is set to be available at the end of the year but engineers can get access to a special early access offer with the first few chapters accessible right now.

Engineering IRL members get full access to the book once it becomes available automatically.

Yep. Membership is free.

What is in 10+1 Steps to Problem Solving?

The book gives you 10 steps you can follow when you're trying to solve problems regardless of what you are dealing with. Each chapter has examples and real life stories to contextualize each step and if you read the whole book you get an overall framework for understanding what problem solving technique you should try to do next.

You can even use these steps to guide another engineer through whatever it is they are working on and help them find the answers they need.

How does 10+1 help my career?

When project managers are selecting the engineers they want on the job, they consider both their own assessment and the feedback from the Senior Engineers.

Everyone has the same basic qualifications because it is a requirement for the profession, so how can you stand out?

By reliably and consistently solving problems faster.

If you understand the spectrum problems you can see that some problems are more complex than others, so they should take longer to solve, but all problems have a perceived "expected time to solve" and when the time exceeds this threshold, that's when you enter the high stress zone.

Hard problems with hard solutions and easy problems with hard solutions.

Project Managers need to ensure their projects are delivered on budget and on time. They want to avoid unnecessary stress and have a team that works together and gets things done.

That's where you come in with your knowledge from this book.

As you improve and get better at solving problems quicker people will start to notice and will naturally recommend you be around.

You can land bigger and better projects.

The book is normally $29 but today if you sign up you will get early access to the book with the first few chapters available right now and you will also have FREE access to the entire book and all the steps.

Now if you're still here and wondering what might be in the book let me list out the 10+1 Steps here for you.

  1. The Question

  2. The Obvious

  3. Eyes

  4. Check Yourself

  5. Doctor G

  6. The RTFM Protocol

  7. Strip

  8. What about the Environment?

  9. Phone-A-Friend

  10. Pray

  11. The Secret Step (+1)

Everything starts with asking the right questions. Step 1, the Question takes you through what this means, how many questions can you ask? When should I ask questions? What if they don't have time? What is the Socratic Method?

Each step will have a key questions check list that you can refer to and the best part is you can repeat steps and find results.

Step 2, the Obvious discusses what things you should try next after the question, how to deal with the slippery slope, understanding obstacles and how to combo steps.

These steps were born from practical experiences over the past decade working in various engineering roles, industries and specialties that have been effective from Internship through to Lead Engineer.

That's how I know this works and it is so simple that if it worked for me it can work for anyone.


Become the "Go To" Engineer

Read the 10+1 Steps to Problem Solving book online for FREE to learn how to solve the right problems faster and become an asset to your fellow engineers. Approach problems with purpose. Reduce the time spent solving problems and mitigate stress in a practical way. You can read the full book online for FREE.

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