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A Career in Engineering - What I learned in my first 8 years.

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

I recently made a choice to switch companies and switch industries. In order to improve it is important to reflect and this change in engineering career path is the perfect time to do so.

8 Years as a Control Systems Engineer for Siemens has bestowed upon me a range of skills, experiences and knowledge all with a fair amount of variety in roles, projects, locations and challenges culminating in a journey from Engineering Intern to Lead Engineer.

Allow me to give you a quick summary of my career (which I made an infographic for) and then I will give an overview of the top 8 things I learned so you may get some value in your engineering career too.

[8 Years, 5x states, 15x power stations, 9x roles (intern, junior eng, service eng, project eng, software eng, system admin, digitalisation eng, OT Cyber sec specialist, lead eng), 3x country level or above award winning projects, 1x patent submission, 10+ creations/inventions, 5x public speaking opportunities, 1x cyber training in germany, 1x mentoring program (as mentor)]