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How did you get into Control Systems Engineering? | Engineering IRL Podcast Rev.42

Many engineers find themselves specializing simply because that's what job they landed in first. Some knew exactly what they were doing and they aligned their studies for that profession.

Most of the time it starts with a guess at a particular engineering field, but then your experience changes that. Once in a while you put in the effort to re-skill and re-position yourself to take advantage of an opportunity to pivot.

Whatever the case may be, the good news is, engineers are pretty capable of learning things quickly and solving problems. This allows them to move disciplines, industries and roles, although it can be easier said than done.

For me, I studied Computer Systems Engineering (somewhere between Electronics, Telco and Software Engineering) but I wound up working for an electrical company in the power generation industry as a Control Systems Engineer.

In today's episode I'll be giving you an overview of how I got into Control Systems Engineering in the first place. Answering engineering career questions as follows:

  • Why do you do Control Systems Engineering?