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Don't Wish to be Lucky

What does it take to be deemed lucky? Who are these select few among us that get to bare this title?

To be lucky is to be someone to whom good happens to - by chance. But it’s not only that because something good, like being alive happens constantly for all humans — and we don’t consider everyone as a lucky person per se (although perhaps we should) .

So what kind of events are lucky enough to be given the title “lucky”?

Let’s go with a simple example like winning one million dollars. I think we can agree someone who wins it is lucky.

But really, when you are wishing for some good luck, you are wishing for something rare to happen to you. The odds of winning the lottery is one in a million (more, but lets go with this) its a rare event that you are wishing for.

We all know that when looking at a distribution of results they are not simply in a straight line, they are not evenly distributed. If you had a group of 10 people doing a test where they could score 100 points, an even distribution of this group would be something like, 1 person scored 10 points, the next 20, the next 30 and so on until 100. But in this simple example and through limited experience you will know that this is not “normal”.