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Is an Engineering Quotes notebook best for you?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

You know that you’re going to use notebooks during your career as an engineer and you also know that you can get quite some utility if it encourages drawings and how effective note taking can spark engineering inspiration.

Motivational Engineering Quotes Notebook

Now I’ve already presented to you the best engineering quotes notebook on the market but that does not necessarily mean that you should get one.

So here’s a quick checklist to see if it’s suitable to you:

  1. Are you an engineer? [ Y \ N ]

  2. Do you take notes for work? [ Y \ N ]

  3. Do you like to represent the profession of engineering? [ Y \ N ]

  4. Do you have respect for history? [ Y \ N ]

  5. Do you like having the right tools for the job? [ Y \ N ]

  6. Do you come up with ideas or inventions? [ Y \ N ]

  7. Could you use a little more motivation or inspiration? [ Y \ N ]

It’s okay, you can just mentally answer these.

Did you say yes to any of the above?

If you said yes to any of the above, the Engineering Quotes notebook could be for you! It's complete with famous engineering quotes.

Get your copy now.

Okay, so the checklist lets you know it could be for you but here’s a couple of other things to think about:

  1. It’s one of the cheapest engineering notebooks on amazon.

  2. It is well sized and has 100 pages.

  3. It will conveniently be delivered to you.

  4. You may be eligible to claim this on your tax return (Disclaimer: this is not tax advice and you should speak to your tax agent if you are unsure).

  5. Feel proud to be an engineer.

So there you go, I recommend you give it a try, see what you think and only get more if you liked it. It's made up of famous engineering quotes. Here’s the deal on Amazon:

If you don’t want all of the quotes but you want the effectiveness of the technical drawing engineering notebook concept then there are versions in a variety of colors available as well. Check out the Black edition and the Blue edition of the technical engineering notebook for your very own copy.