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The Best Engineering Notebook for Motivation

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

You’re an Engineer. You need to take notes. You need motivation.

Technical Engineering Notebook in use

If any of those words sound like you then you probably also want a neat and efficient solution that’s practical - and I can relate. A part of understanding your motivations is writing them down and reading them out loud. The way you take notes can help you with this.

As an engineer it is also important to have some context of the shoulders upon which you stand and hearing some amazing quotes from engineering greats of the past can increase the power of the words. For example, this list of engineering quotes which hopefully you at least know the names of the originators and engineers who said them.

To make this solution perfect for engineers?

Well, I’ve put all these great engineering quotes and put it on the cover of a technical engineering notebook. The engineering notebook is made up of a 5mmx5mm grid style pages and also have a technical drawing border and title block for labelling your great ideas or adding detail to what exactly the section of notes refers to.

So this way you have the combination of great quotes kept with your notebook right when you need to be getting your thoughts and ideas down. The very same notebook is designed specifically for engineers and can come in a convenient mini size or larger A4 size depending on your needs.

This amalgamation of features in a singular notebook form could be the very place your next great idea or invention comes out of and this type of business expense is necessary for all engineering work. The good news is you can likely claim something like this on tax as a requirement for your job due to the notebook side and in addition it’s probably worth investing in your own engineering tools.

If you’re interested take a look at the Engineering Quotes Technical notebook or if you are unsure find out if a motivational Engineering Quotes notebook is best for you in the first place.

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