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Hi! Welcome to Engineering IRL

An Engineers career improvement is typically confined to what their company sets out to be their career progression parameters, if any. Limiting your career growth, earning potential and options as an engineer.

My Mission with Engineering IRL is to provide you with the information, guidelines/framework, data and tools for not just a successful career, but life in Engineering.

Your one-stop shop for engineering knowledge and problem solving skills.

Join me on this journey.

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Operational Technology

Become an Operational Technology Engineering Expert



Kids Engineering Books

Introduce your kids to engineering concepts early.

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Engineering IRL Podcast

Better problem solving. Breaking down engineering concepts and applying them to real life. 



Engineering Resources

Resources from both Engineering IRL and our partners.



Engineering Notebooks

Technical Engineering Notebooks for Inventors, Creators, Designers and Engineers.



10+1 Steps to Problem Solving

Go from engineer to problem solving expert. Consistently solve problems faster and land better engineering projects.

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Become the "Go To" Engineer

Read the 10+1 Steps to Problem Solving book online for FREE to learn how to solve the right problems faster and become an asset to your fellow engineers.

Approach problems with purpose. Reduce the time spent solving problems and mitigate stress in a practical way.

You can read the full book online for FREE.

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