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10+1 Steps to Problem Solving and Cloudmate Networks | Engineering IRL Podcast Rev.41

New Episode of the Engineering podcast!

I'm excited to be releasing another episode of the Engineering IRL podcast to you. There's some interesting news and things you can take away from this episode, plus if you stick around you can get in on a great promotion we have going!

Episode timestamps:

01:24 - 10+1 Steps to Problem Solving: An Engineer's Guide

12:52 - Engineering IRL Rebranding with Lowkey Media (14:05)

15:53 - Cloudmate Networks (Launching a new business as an engineer)

19:47 - SPECIAL PROMOTION (You can get something free)

Here's what you'll see covered in the episode:

1. Writing an Engineering Book called 10+1 Steps to Problem Solving: An Engineer's Guide which is currently an Amazon Bestseller in "Industrial Technology", "Computer Hardware and Control Systems" and "Scientific Research and Methods".

2. Rebranding an Engineering Website. Low-ley helped us with our rebranding, visit them on Instagram @wearelow_key

3. Launching a new business as an Engineer - I'll introduce you to my new business, a sponsor of Engineering IRL and your provide of cloud managed networks powered by Cisco Meraki. Visit us at

Thanks for listening in 2020! Expect more episodes filled with engineering content soon.

I'm really hoping to be one of the best engineering podcasts on Spotify, so thanks for your continued support!

Get free online access to the engineering book 10+1 Steps to Problem Solving - An Engineers Guide from a Career in Operational Technology and Control Systems at our website here:

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