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Engineering IRL Podcast Rev.37 Mission to Mars

Engineers have been solving complex problems for a long time. One of the most complex problems facing humanity today is getting to Mars. The red planet sits on average a cool 225 million kilometers away and yet is our closest neighbor to try and inhabit next.

So the question is, what type of Engineering goes into it?

I'll walk you through all of this and it can be interesting the types of things we think about from the rocket itself, to the launching pad, ground control, the voyage all the way through to landing and surviving.

Ask yourself if we should even go there and spend all this time and money rather than fixing our planet first.

The answer is in today's episode of the Engineering Podcast on Spotify:

So buckle in and get ready for lift off in this epic episode.

We are trying to be one of the top engineering podcasts and are working hard to make it happen. We were happy to land on the list by BornToEnginee