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Engineering Notebooks for Sidehustlers

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

In the 1400's-1500's Leonardo Da Vinci recorded his designs, drawings, ideas and thoughts in his notebooks. So coveted and collected over time Billionaire Bill Gates bought one for his collection.

So what about us Engineers in the 21st Century? There are many, many modern cloud, note taking options which have the advantages of data persistence and accessibility.

But sometimes putting pen (or pencil) to paper really engages with the mind in such a way that can feel a closer link to what is in your own brain.

Ideas pop up

Sometimes an idea comes to you in the middle of the night and it is so vivid and cool and you get a bit excited. You try and store the idea in your memory - trying to force it in there in a way that in the morning you can still recall the details. Then you sleep.

Then you only remember a part of the information.

You do this time and again and over time you realize you had 100's or even 1000's of ideas stored in your brain. Which is good and all, but not usable or shareable by others. The one time you want to capitalize you are 10 steps behind even pitching remnants of an idea to someone else.

Store your ideas

This is where a notebook comes in handy. General ones are great and all and any sheet of paper will do. But what if the notebook was designed in a way that prompts your memories and ideas that can be palpable for developing the details of an idea?

I've come to realise that this is a problem for me too and in thinking of many possible solutions and consequently searching for products on the market that can help me, there are many good ones but none for Engineers.

Put them in your Engineering notebook

I've searched for some and found most to be uninspiring for me. So I decided to make my own. I will be releasing a range of Engineering notebooks for Engineers to take real notes, both creative and technical that are inspired by some famous Innovative Engineers over the years.

Stay tuned to find out when you can purchase your very own Engineering Notebook where you can use it for your designs, possibly for building up ideas for Side Hustles, or even for your main Engineering job.

I am releasing engineering notebooks

An engineers tools go in a toolbox and similarly an Engineers ideas need its very own "Idea Box".

The mission?

Get your Side Hustle Ideas and Tech DONE.

Will be looking for combinations and variations of drawing space and writing space and will be taking any suggestions on board for the Engineering IRL nation.

What's next?

The first notebook is currently in the works at the time of this writing and will be available soon.

"Technical Drawing Engineering Notebook" first release will be 100 pages.

Where can I find my engineering notebook?

Find the latest available books on Amazon. My Author page will have them all.

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